Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (2023)

Harry Potter is one of the most iconic, powerful, beloved, and popular characters of all time. His story has been shared through books and films, and there are also products, games, theme parks, and more centered around this magical universe.


While Harry Potter has had some thrilling adventures full of spells, flying, and battling, he is a human, made up of different characteristics. For better or for worse, he has positive and negative quirks that make him more or less relatable and more or less likable.



Updated December 18th by Rhys McGinley:Throughout his time in his iconic titular novels and films, Harry Potter became one of the most iconic characters in pop culture and a hero so many could get behind. Since he is a teenager whogets tasked with pretty much saving the Wizarding World and who grew up an orphan, fans can understand some of the less desirable Harry Potter character traits. That does not mean they do not exist, though. Thankfully, going hand in hand with those are the things that make him such a good hero, the Harry Potter character traits that make the boy who lived such a likable figure.

His Worst Traits

He Can Be Vindictive

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (1)

Harrydoes not always keep his cool. Specifically, he had conflicts with Draco and with Voldemort over and over again. At first, being the nice guy he is, he tried to handle things reasonably. Over time, he got fed up.

There were definitely scenes that showed him having outbursts, screaming, crying, and holding grudges.While his anger and his desire for revenge were indeed understandable, this may have not always been the best way to react.

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He Can Be A Bit Obsessive

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (2)

One trait Harry shares with Hermione and Ron (expressed to different degrees, in different ways) is that he can bea bit obsessive. Once again, his journey with Voldemort is a wonderful example.

Each book and film put these two face to face, as Harry tried and tried again to take down his biggest threat. There was destined to be one final battle. Harry'sobsession with his mission to destroy Voldemort nearly destroyed him on more than one occasion.

He Has Been Known To Be Moody

Harry is a teenager,so anunsurprisingflaw is his moodiness. He can be sensitive, and this is understandable; he lost his parents, he always feels like a lot of pressure is on him, and he has faced some terrible enemies throughout the years.

So while he can usually be found with a smile on his face, he has also been known to be grouchy, hide away, and lash out, as well. Neverenough to make him unlikable, of course, but enough to take note of by fans, who havemany unpopular opinions about Harry Potter.

He Can Be Impulsive

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (4)

In the novels and films, Harry always seemed to have unrealistic expectations for himself and others. Eventually, he could no longer handle it; he would jump the gun and throw himself into a situation at the wrong moment or in the wrong way.

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Furthermore, thistraitcan come across as rude, as seen with how he can snap at people or backtalk to his teachers. Again, some may definitely see where he is coming from, but this is never a good look.

He Can Be Arrogant

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (5)
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A common trait among teens and one displayed by the likes of Hermione, Ron, and many others is arrogance. While it is not displayed often by Harry, it is still there.

Of course, it is not the samecruel type of arrogance displayed by Draco. Examplesinclude when he believed he knew better than McGonagall regarding the Philosopher's Stone or in his first potions lesson. Arrogance comes in all shapes and sizes, and while Harry is undoubtedly humble throughout the series, he holds an air of arrogance on occasion.

He Has A Lack Of Self-Awareness

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (6)

One Harry Potter character trait that undoubtedly frustrates other characters is his lack of self-awareness. From day one, Harry has no idea about himself or his effect on others.

One of the most significant examples of this is his shock at others wanting to be taught defense against the dark arts by him when he had fought moreevil by year five than most would have in their whole life. Perhaps the most scathing example is every time he feels like he has to leave everyone behind and fight Voldemort alone. He somehow still believes that despite Ron and Hermione being there for him since day one, keeping him alive, he can go on without them. Not only is that self-righteousness and arrogance, but it shows a serious lack of awareness of both himself and how he treats his friends.

He Carries Around Guilt

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (7)

Harry Potter has always felt the need to bea defender and protector, and his going up against Voldemortwas an inevitable result of this.

Still, that does not mean he needs to carry around so much guilt - although this may be less of a negative 'trait' than a sympathetic one. It is beautiful and surprising that he has been able to go about life and excel in other areas since he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Hopefully, after Lord Voldemort was gone, he felt lighter. But he probably found new burdens to lift from others and take on.

His Best Traits

He Is Brave

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (8)

Without a doubt, Harry is brave. From starting a new school and taking on a somewhat dangerous sport to facing enemies, villains and monsters, he has had to gather up strength and courage more than once.

No matter how scary or stressful the situation may be, though, he always faces it with a collected determination, and it usually pays off well for him in the end, just look at when Harry sacrifices his own life. It is the trait most typically associated with Gryffindor and the stereotypical Harry Potter character trait.

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He Is Intelligent

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (9)

Another trait seen in this character is intelligence. He did well in school, and he has a natural instinct for learning quickly and reading people/situations.

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This was put on display at Hogwarts, both in terms of academia and in terms of emotional intelligence. He is no Hermione, nowhere near it, but Harry's brainsproved to be a very handy gift during the darkest moments of the tale.

HeCan BeSelfless

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (10)

Harry could be arrogant, and he could be self-righteous, and he could even be selfish - albeit rarely. At his core, though, Harry is an utterly, truly selfless human.

On a large scale, he sacrifices his life, and on a small scale, he gives Dobby a pair of socks. There are so many examples of his selflessness and generosity throughout the saga. All-in-all, the story is one long showcase of how selfless he could be. It is one of his most admirable character traits that makes audiences love him so much.

He Is Loyal

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (11)

Friendship is focused on within Harry Potter, and the three main characters quickly became true pals. Over the years, other students, teachers, and characters came into Harry's life, and he shows loyalty to all.

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He was grateful for his parents' friends, who helped him along the way. He would do anything for his fellow Gryffindors and always trusted Dumbledore and his plan, even when it looked as though Dumbledore could not be trusted. He exemplifies what a genuine friendship should look like.

He Is Forgiving

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (12)

Harry makes a lot of enemies throughoutthe films and books, whether they be lifelong nemeses like Voldemort or short-term rivalries with the likes of Cedric. Through these, audiences witness his forgiving nature.

Of course, Harry never forgives Voldemort; why would he. However, he easily forgives his longtime rival Draco for everything and even admires Snape. Then short teenage spats - like with Seamus or Ron - always ended with Harry accepting the other person's apology and moving on.

He Is Kind

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (13)

Overall, this man is a very kind one. Sure, there are several friendly and compassionate characters within this universe, but Harry is special in many ways, not least of all in his pure and kind heart.

One way this is seen is through how deeply he cares for others and how he has literally put his life on the line to protect anyone and everyone else.He is a total sweetheart at points throughout the saga, such as when he comforts Hermione, one of many examples.

He Is Good

Harry Potter: His 7 Best & 7 Worst Traits (14)

Harry takes his loyalty and kindness and strength even further by always putting everyone else's desires above his own and by making an effort to always make wise beneficial decisions.

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He must have inherited this virtue from his parents because he for sure did not pick up any from the Dursleys. As he got older, he met more people who helped him develop further, and he keeps getting better and better. Harry is a hero everyone can look up to and aspire to be like, despite any character flaws he has.

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