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What is the main point of The Great Gatsby? ›

F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel,The Great Gatsby, follows Jay Gatsby, a man who orders his life around one desire: to be reunited with Daisy Buchanan, the love he lost five years earlier. Gatsby's quest leads him from poverty to wealth, into the arms of his beloved, and eventually to death.

What is the story of The Great Gatsby about? ›

The Great Gatsby is a 1925 novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Set in the Jazz Age on Long Island, near New York City, the novel depicts first-person narrator Nick Carraway's interactions with mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and Gatsby's obsession to reunite with his former lover, Daisy Buchanan.

Why is The Great Gatsby so important? ›

Despite being a commentary on a different age and people, Gatsby's story is as relevant today as it was when it was written. Because it explores universal themes — human follies, the hopelessness of societal constructs and man's struggle with time and fate.

Why did Gatsby get murdered? ›

Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, published in 1925. Jay Gatsby is shot to death in the swimming pool of his mansion by George Wilson, a gas-station owner who believes Gatsby to be the hit-and-run driver who killed his wife, Myrtle.

What are 3 symbols in The Great Gatsby? ›

  • The Green Light. Situated at the end of Daisy's East Egg dock and barely visible from Gatsby's West Egg lawn, the green light represents Gatsby's hopes and dreams for the future. ...
  • The Valley of Ashes. ...
  • The Eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg.

What are the two eggs in The Great Gatsby? ›

West Egg is home to the nouveau riche, or "New Money." East Egg residents come from generations of familial wealth. The arrogant and spoiled characters, Tom and Daisy, live in East Egg, while Nick and Jay live in West Egg. The Valley of Ashes is reserved for the poorest citizens.

What does the ending of Gatsby mean? ›

Nick links the American Dream to Gatsby's love for Daisy, in that both are unattainable. As Nick explains on the novel's final page, Gatsby spent years hoping for a happy future with Daisy, but this future always receded into the distance.

What is the secret about Gatsby? ›

In the course of the novel, and no doubt the new film version, we find out what Gatsby is hiding: not only his criminal bootlegging, but also his family name, Gatz, and his poor, ethnic-American roots, which in the end exclude him from the upper-class Anglo-American social circles he hoped to enter.

How did Gatsby get rich? ›

Jay Gatsby however did not earn his money in an honest way. He earned it by bootlegging alcohol, which as we all know was illegal because of the prohibition of alcohol during the time of this book, and he also earned a lot of his money from fake stocks.

What are the last lines of The Great Gatsby? ›

This is going to be an exegesis on the famous last line of The Great Gatsby: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

How does Nick feel about Gatsby at the end? ›

Nick is particularly taken with Gatsby and considers him a great figure. He sees both the extraordinary quality of hope that Gatsby possesses and his idealistic dream of loving Daisy in a perfect world.

Why was The Great Gatsby unpopular? ›

As quoted in a New York Times retrospective of The Great Gatsby, critics at the time were rather cold, saying that Gatsby was "clever and brilliantly surfaced but not the work of a wise and mature novelist." Other reviewers felt it was "a little slack, a little soft, more than a little artificial, [falling] into the ...

Who is to blame for Gatsby's death? ›

The person responsible for Jay Gatsby's death is Tom Buchanan. At the time of Myrtle's death, Tom has told George that the yellow car seen by witnesses, was the same one that Jay Gatsby owns. Although Gatsby's car was being driven by Daisy when the accident happened, Tom took that opportunity.

Does Daisy love Gatsby? ›

Although Daisy may have loved Gatsby once, she does not love him more than the wealth, status, and freedom that she has with Tom.

What happens to Daisy at the end of The Great Gatsby? ›

After killing Myrtle, Daisy returns home. She and Tom resolve their differences and leave soon thereafter, moving presumably to another city where they will remain utterly unchanged and life will continue as it always does.

Why is Daisy crying over shirts? ›

Daisy cries because she has never seen such beautiful shirts, and their appearance makes her emotional. The scene solidifies her character and her treatment of Gatsby. She is vain and self-serving, only concerned with material goods.

What is the moral lesson of The Great Gatsby? ›

The moral of The Great Gatsby is that the American Dream is illusory. Gatsby's dream was to be with Daisy, but even after he attained her lifestyle, he was unable to be with her. Meanwhile, the people that had money, like Daisy and Tom, could not achieve happiness either.

What does Daisy's green light symbolize? ›

Because the green light hangs at the end of Daisy's dock, and Gatsby bought his house in order to be able to see it each night, the green light most obviously symbolizes his unwavering love for Daisy.

Why did the egg turn black? ›

Black or green spots inside the egg may be the result of bacterial or fungal contamination of the egg. If you come across an egg with black or green spots discard the egg. Off color egg whites, such as green or iridescent colors may be from spoilage due to bacteria.

Do Nick and Gatsby both live in West Egg? ›

The West Egg is the "less fashionable" side of Long Island where Gatsby and Nick live. The East Egg is the "fashionable" side of Long Island where the Buchanans and other "old money" people live.

What do cars symbolize in The Great Gatsby? ›

What role do automobiles play in The Great Gatsby? For many of Fitzgerald's characters, the automobile represents American progress. Fitzgerald, however, remains unconvinced. Despite its superficial role as an emblem of man's ingenuity, Fitzgerald suggests that the automobile is actually a tool of destruction.

Who went to Gatsby's funeral? ›

Hundreds of people attended Gatsby's parties but no-one comes to his funeral apart from Nick, Gatsby's father, and some servants. A man called 'Owl-eyes', who did attend some of Gatsby's parties, arrives late.

What does Gatsby realize at the end? ›

Gatsby doesn't realize that his dream must always be connected to the past, because it is based on a past reality, not the way things exist in the present. Gatsby believed that he must only try a little harder, be a little better, and then his hands would finally close around his version of the American Dream.

Why is Gatsby's death significant? ›

Gatsby's death is significant because it represents the horrible end to the dream that he built his whole life, even though in a way he already died when he lost his chance to be with Daisy after the fight with Tom.

Who is Gatsby secretly in love with? ›

Relationship 1: Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. The relationship at the very heart of The Great Gatsby is, of course, Gatsby and Daisy, or more specifically, Gatsby's tragic love of (or obsession with) Daisy, a love that drives the novel's plot.

What is the very sad event in Gatsby's life? ›

Gatsby Test Review
What was Tom's reaction when Gatsby said Daisy did not love Tom?Disbelief
What is the very sad event that Gatsby refers to?Daisy's marriage to another man
What did Myrtle think when she saw Jordan with Tom?Jordan was his wife
Why did George shoot Gatsby?He thought Gatsby has killed Myrtle
70 more rows

Is Gatsby rich or poor? ›

The character is an enigmatic nouveau riche millionaire who lives in a luxurious mansion on Long Island where he often hosts extravagant parties and who allegedly gained his vast fortune by illicit bootlegging during prohibition in the United States.

Who was richer Gatsby or Tom? ›

Fitzgerald makes it very clear that the wealth that Tom and Daisy has is superior to the wealth that Jay Gatsby has. Tom and Daisy were highly educated and came from money, while Gatsby got his money from selling illegal alcohol and throwing extravagant parties with the alcohol.

What did Tom do to Myrtle? ›

Upon mentioning Daisy's name, Myrtle becomes enraged, shouting "Daisy" at the top of her lungs. Tom, incensed by this outburst, lashes out with his open hand and breaks Myrtle's nose in one "short deft movement." The party enters into a downward spiral and the guests take their departure.

Who does Gatsby inherit his money? ›

When Cody died, he left Gatsby $25,000, but Cody's mistress prevented him from claiming his inheritance. Gatsby then dedicated himself to becoming a wealthy and successful man. Nick sees neither Gatsby nor Daisy for several weeks after their reunion at Nick's house.

How did Nick react to Gatsby's death? ›

Nick is struck by the bitter injustice of Gatsby's solitary death. Despite all the people who found their way to Gatsby's parties, not one, with the exception of a man known only as "Owl Eyes," bothered to make an appearance at his funeral (and he only made it to the gate after the services ended).

How is Gatsby's death ironic? ›

What is ironic about Gatsby's death? Gatsby's death is a moment of irony because he is still waiting for Daisy to call him so they can be together, but he does not realize that Daisy and her husband have already reconciled with one another.

What is Gatsby's famous line? ›

I hope she'll be a fool—that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”

Did Nick Carraway have a crush on Gatsby? ›

In that novel, Nick loves Gatsby, the erstwhile James Gatz of North Dakota, for his capacity to dream Jay Gatsby into being and for his willingness to risk it all for the love of a beautiful woman. In a queer reading of Gatsby, Nick doesn't just love Gatsby, he's in love with him.

What are the last words Nick speaks to Gatsby? ›

You're worth the whole damn bunch put together.” Nick addresses these words to Gatsby the last time he sees his neighbor alive, in Chapter 8.

Does Nick sleep with Mr McKee in Great Gatsby? ›

McKee did not sleep together or even if Fitzgerald did not mean to imply as much, the fact that Mr. McKee and Nick are together in their underwear is not typical for two heterosexual men in the 1920s.

What was Gatsby's fatal flaw? ›

Gatsby's tragic flaw is his inability to wake up from his dream of the past and accept reality. His obsession with recapturing his past relationship with Daisy compels him to a life of crime and deceit.

Why are schools banning The Great Gatsby? ›

The Great Gatsby was challenged and banned for a few reasons: sex, violence, adultery, and language. The affair between Daisy and Gatsby along with Nick's language regarding Jordan Baker make up most of the sex and adultery reasoning behind the challenging and banning of the book.

What is controversial about The Great Gatsby? ›

Controversial Content

The Great Gatsby was controversial due to the sex, violence, and language it contains. The extramarital affair between Jay Gatsby, the mysterious millionaire in the novel, and his elusive love interest, Daisy Buchanan, is alluded to but never described in intimate detail.

What did Daisy do to Gatsby? ›

Eventually, Gatsby won Daisy's heart, and they made love before Gatsby left to fight in the war. Daisy promised to wait for Gatsby, but in 1919 she chose instead to marry Tom Buchanan, a young man from a solid, aristocratic family who could promise her a wealthy lifestyle and who had the support of her parents.

Who was the villain in The Great Gatsby? ›

Tom Buchanan is the main antagonist in The Great Gatsby . An aggressive and physically imposing man, Tom represents the biggest obstacle standing between Gatsby and Daisy's reunion. For much of the novel Tom exists only as an idea in Gatsby's mind.

Why did Daisy run over Myrtle? ›

In this essay, the author

his affair with daisy offered him a chance to defy his social expectations. Opines that daisy knew tom was having an affair with her, and she accepted it because she had no other choice. by killing or seriously injuring myrtle, she would be able to end her affair.

Does Gatsby sleep with Daisy? ›

The reader also learns that, when courting, Daisy and Gatsby had been intimate with each other and it was this act of intimacy that bonded him to her inexorably, feeling "married to her." Gatsby left Daisy, heading off to war.

Did Gatsby and Daisy have a baby? ›

She is narrator Nick Carraway's second cousin, once removed, and the wife of polo player Tom Buchanan, by whom she has a daughter. Before marrying Tom, Daisy had a romantic relationship with Jay Gatsby.
Daisy Buchanan
SpouseTom Buchanan
Significant otherJay Gatsby
ChildrenPammy Buchanan
11 more rows

Did Gatsby and Daisy have a child? ›

Although Pammy is rarely referenced in the novel, Daisy recounts that when Pammy was born and was told the baby was a girl she said: "All right... I'm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a fool -- that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."

Does Daisy kiss Gatsby? ›

While all five are at the Buchanans' house, Tom leaves the room to speak with his mistress on the phone and Daisy boldly kisses Gatsby, declaring her love for him.

Why did Daisy marry Tom Buchanan? ›

Daisy married Tom Buchanan because he was wealthy and single. As a woman, her only way to gain financial security and raise her social standing is through marriage. Tom is handsome, outwardly charming, and he gives Daisy a life of luxury in exchange for being his loyal wife.

Did Daisy attend Gatsby's funeral? ›

Feeling that Gatsby would not want to go through a funeral alone, Nick tries to hold a large funeral for him, but all of Gatsby's former friends and acquaintances either have disappeared—Tom and Daisy, for instance, move away with no forwarding address—or refuse to come, like Meyer Wolfsheim and Klipspringer.

What impact did The Great Gatsby have on society? ›

Scott Fitzgerald's contribution to American culture a lot of point of views in 1920's , he contributed wealth and the American class system , he also showed different lifestyles of poor and rich people ,he inspired American people by hard working and show that how the started becoming famous and winning rewards.…

Why do people love The Great Gatsby? ›

The Great Gatsby speaks to the disparity between rich and poor in a poignant way. We love it because it makes us grieve for how little has changed from the decadence of the Roaring Twenties to our modern age.

Why should The Great Gatsby be taught in schools? ›

Schools should continue to read Gatsby. It's short enough to enthrall students without them getting bored quickly, and it provides insight about idealism, social classes and wealth that still remain relevant today. Reading the novel [also] provides a great way to start conversation about the 'American Dream. '”

Who is the most moral character in The Great Gatsby? ›

When he first goes to a party at Gatsby's, he seeks Gatsby out (presumably to thank him for his invitation), while the others at the party gossip about Gatsby and enjoy themselves. Similarly, after Gatsby's death, Nick is the only one who shows concern. Nick can therefore be seen as the moral compass of the story.

What are the 4 major themes in The Great Gatsby? ›

In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald offers up commentary on a variety of themes -- justice, power, greed, betrayal, the American dream, and so on. Of all the themes, perhaps none is more well developed than that of social stratification.

Why is The Great Gatsby controversial? ›

Controversial Content

The Great Gatsby was controversial due to the sex, violence, and language it contains. The extramarital affair between Jay Gatsby, the mysterious millionaire in the novel, and his elusive love interest, Daisy Buchanan, is alluded to but never described in intimate detail.

What does the green light symbolize in The Great Gatsby? ›

Here, the green light is a symbol of hope. After meeting up with Daisy in chapter five, the light ceases to be the emblem it once was: the colossal significance of that light had now vanished forever... now it was again a green light on a dock. This symbolises the destruction of Gatsby's dream.

Why does Gatsby throw his weekly parties? ›

Why does Gatsby throw his weekly parties? To impress Daisy.

Did Gatsby and Nick love each other? ›

In that novel, Nick loves Gatsby, the erstwhile James Gatz of North Dakota, for his capacity to dream Jay Gatsby into being and for his willingness to risk it all for the love of a beautiful woman. In a queer reading of Gatsby, Nick doesn't just love Gatsby, he's in love with him.

What age should you read The Great Gatsby? ›

The story is based on a classic American novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and is best suited to viewers over 15 years because of intense adult themes and violence.

Who was The Great Gatsby obsessed with? ›

In the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, what Jay Gatsby feels for Daisy Buchanan is obsession. Gatsby revolves and rearranges his entire life in order to gain her affections.

What grade level is Great Gatsby? ›

This book's Lexile measure is 1070L and is frequently taught in the 12th grade.

Is The Great Gatsby an easy read? ›

For the most part, Gatsby is straightforward. It's got some funny 1920s turns of phrase, like "ecstatic cahoots" (8.46), but you're not going to run into too many unfamiliar words. Hard? Not exactly.

What grade is The Great Gatsby taught? ›

The Great Gatsby is typically taught in high school — most commonly 11th grade — the following standards “buckets” should be addressed.


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