The Returned Sword King Decided To Become a Tyrant chapter 3 - Noble Machine translations (2023)

back to the past (3)

I was soaked in longing as I looked around the room I stayed in when I was the first prince.

It really is a return to the past.

I went to the mirror on the other side of the room and examined my face.

Silver hair cut short. Shallow scars remaining faintly along the red eyes and jawline. Small muscles faintly visible through the clothes.

It was literally me when I was 20 years old that I remembered.

I muttered involuntarily as I turned the ring on my left hand.

“I don’t like it.”

I was a person so strong that I even had the nickname of the King of Swords.

One, what the hell is this gisaeng brother-like tender figure?

It is said that I had skills that were not suitable for my age with superior talent than others, but to me who came to the past through regression, it was a fragile body itself.

Of course I couldn’t like it.

‘I’ll have to focus on building my body after this job.’

In conclusion, the case of the beheading of Count Asus was concluded with the disposition of a cotton bat called probation for three days.

Of course, it is not a punishment for killing the count, but a punishment for causing controversy in the royal castle.

It was thanks to the additional discovery of the poison that was intended to feed the king along with the evidence of the corruption committed so far.

‘I must have thought that I would never be able to find it.’

The eyes reflected in the mirror smiled coldly.

The place he taught Baron Vidor was the private room of Count Asus inside the royal palace.

To be precise, it was in the water tank of the toilet he was using.

Before the return, information about corruption could be checked here.

If the safe was a place where the main evidence was collected, then the water tank could be said to be a place where miscellaneous evidence was collected.

Asus, who plotted civil war and attempted to assassinate the king, was no longer called the count.

Unfortunately, the location of the military he raised has not yet been revealed… … .

Fortunately, his family was waiting for the day he would die in the prison of the capital.

‘For the time being, it will be of great help to my plan to strengthen my internal stability.’

If I stay in my room under the name of self-sufficiency, my actions that have not adapted to regression can be reflected in a reasonable way.

In that sense, the disposition of self-restraint was to help, but not to hinder.


I don’t know why this body came back to the past.

But this was an opportunity to change my life, which had been out of alignment.

“To the wildcats who are targeting me, I will show the tyrant’s appearance… … .”

From noble mtl dot com.

And I will show my people the appearance of a holy army.

To live a life as an absolute being, not as a king of a small northern country.

That was my final goal.

I pulled out the sword lying in the room as a test.


The sword skillfully pulled out shone sharply as it reflected the lighting.

Although its performance would be inferior to that of the treasured sword used before the return, its sharpness was satisfactory in its own way.

Perhaps at this time I… … He would have had a separate swordsmanship teacher.

I can’t remember exactly where he started rolling, but he probably won’t be of much help to me now.

Thinking so, I demonstrated my own arcane swordsmanship that I used before returning.

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Shock- Shock-

The sword wind cuts through the air and emits a terrifying shriek.

The swordsmanship continued without a single error.

There were no unnecessary trajectories or movements here.

Perfect proficiency, as if becoming one with the sword.

In terms of speed and destructive power, he was weak enough to be incomparable to those of the past, but he couldn’t believe that he had the skills of a 20-year-old.

That moment. The eyes reflected in the mirror flashed, and the energy that was latent in the Danjeon burned hotly.


Woo woo woo!

A terrifying bloody aura rising from the sword.

The nearly one-meter-long aura completely split the wall along with the mirror.

It was the Sword Master’s secret technique, the Aura Blade.

It was a scene that other knights would have been shocked to see, but I couldn’t help but be disappointed.

“I never thought I would be so weak… … .”


I let go of the hand holding the sword and caught my breath.

The sword had only been swung for about two minutes. Even more so, wasn’t the use of the aura only for a moment?

Although he developed swordsmanship that exceeded his physical level, he did not expect to get tired. I was vaguely expecting it, so the disappointment came even bigger.

‘Is my body unable to keep up with the state before the return? … .’

To put it simply, his memory and proficiency remained intact, but it was a contradictory situation in which his 20-year-old body and aura could not keep up.

At least with this incident, it proved that all of the skills before returning did not die, so it is not that there is no income.

There was already a time when he reigned under the name of the Sword King, so it won’t take long for him to rise to the top again.

‘by the way… … .’

I can’t rest comfortably when the room is like this.

I stroked the call crystal ball while looking at the wall that was about to collapse.

Then, through my sensitive hearing, I began to hear the sound of someone’s hastily running footsteps.

and after a while


“Huh, huh. Boo, did you call? Your Highness the 1st Prince.”

Baron Vidor knocked on the door.

Seeing that he was out of breath, it seemed that he was running in a hurry.

“Come in.”

After my permission was given, the door opened and Baron Vidor entered.

Dressed lightly, he was smearing sauce on his lips as if he had been called in while he was eating.

By order of my father, Baron Vidor became my temporary assistant.

Because there was no one to help me until a new aide was appointed.

Of course, this decision was not part of his will.

‘Tsk. No luck.’

To think that he had to go through such hardships for the crime of helping me… … .

It was pitiful that he said with a frown on his face.

“I guess it was during a meal?”

“yes? that is… … .”

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Conscious of my gaze, Baron Vidor wiped the sauce from his mouth.

Then he lowered his head with a tired expression.

“Sin, sorry! I made this mistake in front of the 1st Prince… … .”


Killing a high-ranking aristocrat without hesitation must have been quite frightening.

I just asked if it was in the middle of a meal.

“When the day comes, call the repairmen and instruct them to repair the walls. I will sleep in another room tonight.”

“Okay… … Huh!”

Baron Vidor, who had finally discovered the crack in the wall, stepped back in embarrassment.

“What the hell is that… … .”

“I practiced swordsmanship for a while.”

“You mean it’s possible to cut through a wall like that with swordsmanship?”


Unless you’re a sword master, it’s impossible to cleanly cut through a wall like that.

After all, that wall was fortified with magic.

I just smiled and talked to Baron Vidor.

“What did you ask me to find out?”

“Uh… … Oh, do you mean that? Information collection has already been completed. I brought the documents just in case… … .”

“Give it to me.”


I slowly read the documents Baron Vidor gave me.

What is written there is detailed information about certain people.


It was exactly the information I was looking for, so I had no choice but to nod my head.

At that time, Baron Vidor asked a question in a cautious tone.

“I’m presumptuous, but I don’t know about nobles, but what’s the reason for asking you to investigate the personal information of commoners as well?”


“If this was an off-topic question… … .”

“Didn’t I tell you?”


I turned over the papers and opened my mouth.

Suddenly, a satisfied smile formed on his lips.

“These people are candidates for my new aides.”

“… … yes? what is that… … .”

He paused for a moment as if his thoughts had stopped.

Its appearance resembled that of a goldfish.

“Well then, who should I choose?”

He shook his head, meticulously examining every single letter written on the document.

A person who can carry out the duties of an aide while being of great use in future plans to establish an intelligence agency.

Even so, the character that will not betray me.

Things that happened in the past run through my head and I come up with the best person.

I finally made up my mind after seeing the person who caught my eye the most.

“There is only this guy.”

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I took out a document and handed it to Baron Vidor.

I’m proud to say it’s a great choice.

Because he was the one who made me difficult when I was called the Sword King.

After realizing the situation, he was greatly shocked.

“Oh, no! You’re picking a commoner to serve as your Highness’s aide!”


“It’s not that small men have prejudice against commoners, but it’s really dangerous to put someone from an unknown background in the position of an aide! Also, if a person without any education becomes an aide to a member of the royal family, he will not be able to properly adapt to the job, regardless of whether it is safe or not!”

“Then I can learn from you.”

“… … .”

The position of a prince is always a position that is exposed to various risk factors.

That’s why he always picked someone he could trust for the position of his closest aide.

But that didn’t apply to me.

I was more confident than anyone else in protecting my body, and I knew exactly what kind of person this person was.

With my pre-return knowledge, it was impossible to find an aide as capable as this person here.

No, on the contrary, if this person was not elected, there would be a big concern in the future.

‘He is a person who shows great success in the Imperial War later.’

George Hegmes.

It was the name of a person who was notorious as a staff member of the enemy country, the Carrot Federation Empire.

All of the battles he participated in suffered heavy damage to allies due to his bizarre strategy, and that tactic made it difficult to penetrate even with my overwhelming force.

George Hegmes, who quickly rose to an important position with his cool-headed judgment and extensive knowledge of war.

Surprisingly, he was a citizen of Esteban.

‘They said he committed a crime and ran away from the kingdom.’

One dragon that left its nest soon spread its wings and soared into the world.

With his teeth bared in Esteban, his hometown.

That’s why he chose George Hegmes as his aide-de-camp.

It is said that it will select competent aides and that it will reduce the power of the enemy country in advance. To catch both of these rabbits.

‘And as a trump card to correct the kingdom.’

Perhaps this Asus case will change a lot of things.

If there’s something that catches me, I’ll hide behind my tail.

That’s why I’m even more coveted for a talented person named George.

A new eye that can create synergy with my future knowledge. And a shadow with great insight and brains.

It was necessary to hunt cowards who hid their tails.

It was for this reason that he brought up the idea of establishing an intelligence department under his command.


I will not hesitate to use future knowledge to achieve it.

Because there was still a bunch of guys left to kill.

I spoke to Baron Vidor, who is still protesting against the death penalty.

“Baron Vidor.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Then will you continue to be my aide?”

“Huh… … .”

“Don’t worry. I also have no intention of appointing him as an aide right away. Well, even if you object, I will proceed.”

An aide from a commoner background could be a political weakness for me.

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I know that too, so I was just counting the right time.

At my stubborn attitude, Baron Vidor finally nodded.

“All right. Then what can I do?”


I filled out a simple paperwork and handed it over to him.

It was an official order with the royal seal stamped on it.

“All you have to do is deliver that order to the upper branch where he works.”

* * *

“Oh, it’s a big deal!”

George Hegmes, who was reading a book in his dormitory, was puzzled by his roommate’s fuss.

It was all the more so because he was someone who had never acted like that before.

“What is it?”

“Papa, I think we need to go to the meeting room quickly!”

“You mean me?”

George put the book down and asked his roommate.

“okay! Now is not the time for this!”

“damn. suddenly what… … .”


He was dragged into the meeting room by his roommate.

There was already a serious atmosphere in the conference room.

Even the branch manager of the upper tier, who was not usually seen pecking his nose, was seated in the conference room.

George’s neck twitched as he sensed that something unusual had happened.

The branch manager approached George with a hard expression.

“George Hegmes.”

“Yes, branch manager.”

“Let’s pack up right away and prepare to move to the capital.”


said George, rubbing his face.

“that is… … What do you mean?”

A lot of thoughts ran through George’s head.

The place where he worked was a branch of a large guild that spread all over the capital.

Other than that, it had nothing to do with the capital city.

But to move to the capital so suddenly?

“I am also embarrassed, but first look at this document.”

A piece of paper came out of the branch manager’s arms.

It was a document with unrecognizable bad handwriting.

So I stood still without understanding the contents, and the branch manager said.

From noble mtl dot com.

“You say you want to see me.”

“Who is it?”

The head of the branch quietly recited at the words of George, who was flustered and asked back.

“Your Highness, the first prince of Esteban.”

At those words, George, who opened his mouth with rabbit eyes for a moment, barely uttered a word.

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“No, why the hell is that person?”


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